White Sand Villas

Vacation of your

Dreams becomes reality!

Imagine that you decide to visit an old dear friend that you haven’t seen in years who lives in a spectacular summer holiday destination like Paros.

From the time you arrive your host will go out of his way to ensure that every moment will overflow with friendliness, warmth and hospitality to help create unforgettable holiday memories to cherish.

Our utmost priority is to welcome our guests as ‘visiting friends’ understanding and respecting their needs  and with  proper guidance from us personalizing their experience by promoting cultural immersion with locals in a safe and comfortable environment.

We decided to quit the fancy city life of Athens and our high stress careers and move to Paros 15 years ago. Now it is our pleasure to offer that sense of escape and freedom to our customers even if it’s only for their holiday period.

Paros is famous for a lot of things and has many tourist attractions but all this information can easily be found in tourist guides and the internet.

What really drove us to live on this island though was firstly the local people. We were extremely touched by their warmth and generosity and  humble yet bright personalities.

Secondly we loved  the crystal clear transparent waters and the variety of beaches there were to choose from, ranging from quiet and secluded to perfectly organized with umbrellas and sports activities.

Next the fact that there are many Sports and Cultural activities for all ages and incredible food to suit all budgets and tastes.

Finally the extended periods of sunshine that allows people to enjoy swimming in the gorgeous cycladic waters from April until October and the structure of the island that enables you to have a sea view from almost everywhere.

The Cyclades have stolen our hearts and living in Paros cannot be described by words but is a ‘feeling’ Our goal is to transfer this feeling to you making it the ultimate holiday experience.



A large, comfortable villa of 235 sqm

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A large, comfortable villa of 185 sqm

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A large, comfortable villa of 215 sqm

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Beach 100m
Naousa 2,5km
Santa Maria surfing beach: 1,8 Km
Small Santa Maria: 3 km
Taos Center 2,5 Km
Langeri Beach: 1 km
Port /Paroikia 13km
Airport 23Km